Paint Correction

The paint correction process requires time, patience, specialty equipment, and a professional preparation products.

Ask 1,000 auto detail experts about paint correction and you’ll likely receive just as many different opinions on the matter – ranging from “yeah, it’s easy” to “never attempt it on your own.” Simply put, paint correction is not a simple task.

Aloha Detailing has completed tens of thousands of hours of paint correction. Working with a professional ensures that the removal of paint swirl marks in the clear coat is hassle free and without error.

What is paint correction?

The paint correction process involves removing imperfections in the clear coat (or finish) and ‘restoring it’ to better than the original condition.

Some of the common imperfections that lead to paint correction include:

  • Spider webbing (swirl marks)
  • Fine scratches
  • Water spots
  • Acidic bird and critter droppings
  • Environmental contaminates and fallout
  • UV Oxidization

When is paint correction necessary?

When a car is being washed by hand or an automatic car wash, soap is applied and rubbed onto the surface to break up the dirt. As you do this over the surface of the vehicle, the dirt is slowly being ground into the surface or creating scratches in the clear coat – even when you’re using a microfiber towel.

The same concept applies to car waxing. When the wax-on / wax-off method is used, you’re grinding additional loose particles into the paint’s protective layer.

The only way to fix the scratches and swirl marks that are ground into the paint clear coat is through paint correction.

Why is Paint Correction Important?

Paint correction is more than a visual enhancement for your vehicle. While it does enhance the visual appeal of the paint, it is intended to add to the paint’s protective layer (also called the clear coat). Once a clear coat is damaged, dirt and debris will eventually penetrate the surface. This leads to paint chipping, sun damage, and premature fading.

Paint correction services keep the paint looking clean, fresh, and shiny.

Paint correction essentially fills in the gaps, then applies a protective layer, that helps to reduce the potential of this occurring again.

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